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Williams Aquatic Center Refresh Everything Update | Freinds of the Williams Aquatic Center

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Williams Aquatic Center Refresh Everything Update

We missed out on the May voting period.  It was really frustrating.  Pepsi decided to do maintenance before the start of the new submission period.  They gave us 7 hours notice, but hid the notifications in a blog and Facebook wall post.  Editing of the applications were suspended from 8PM to Midnight Eastern time.  Once they were open, things seemed to work for about 10 minutes and then the gateway errors started happening.  For the next 30 minutes, with every gateway error, you needed to re-login to try and submit your application.

Anyway, our application is done. There are no trademark images that could cause problems.  The video is complete, but we may decide to redo it.  We are ready for the next submission period that starts at 9PM AZ time on April 30th.  We are looking to be awarded one of  the $250,000 grants.  Wish us luck, because we’ll need it to get in.